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Asteroids, Comets, Meteors (ACM) 2011 will be held 17 - 22 July, 2011, in Niigata, Japan, at TOKI Messe (Niigata Convention Center). TOKI Messe, is located at the beautiful harbor of Niigata city, at the mouth of the Shinano River, the longest river in Japan.

Niigata, with population 800,000, is the capital of Niigata Prefecture and one of the largest cities facing the Japan Sea. It is about 350km north from Tokyo and two hours away from Tokyo by bullet train on the Joetsu Shinkansen line. Niigata can be also accessed by airplane. It takes one hour from Osaka and Nagoya. Also Niigata has daily flights to/from Seoul, Korea.

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Travel to Niigata, Toki Messe

Note: The following information is "the information at the time of Feb. 2011".

Travel to Niigata Sta.

Narita Airport (NRT) Arraival:
one of the major international airports in Japan.
We recommend you to take JR (Japan Railway Company) train at the Narita airport, because the Joetsu Shinkansen trains to go to Niigata is also operated by JR, so that you can easily change the trains at the Tokyo station.
From Narita Airport to Tokyo Station: "Narita Express (NEX)" trains are most convenient, which take just one hour to Tokyo Station. All the NEX trains will stop at the Tokyo Station, it doesn't depend on its terminal. The frequency is approximately every 30 min. from 8:00 until 21:00.
From Tokyo Station to Niigata Station: "Joetsu Shinkansen" trains are most convenient, which take about two hours to Niigata Station. The frequency is every 20-30 min.
If you arrive at the Narita airport, we strongly recommend choosing this route. Ticket price is 6620 JPY for one-way (Narita Airport to Niigata) together with additional special express charges; 1660 JPY for Narita Express, and 4810 JPY (reserved seat) for Joetsu Shinkansen trains, respectively.
Haneda Airport (HND) Arraival:
located at the central part of Tokyo area.
While this airport has been used mainly for domestic flights, it is opened for international flights in 2008. Several international flights will arrive at this airport.
From Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station, you have several options.
Railway by Keikyu
Take Keikyu-line from Haneda International Terminal Station to Shinagawa Station (cost is 400 JPY), where you can change to the JR Yamanote line. Tokyo Station is only 5 stops from Shinagawa Station (cost is 160 JPY). It takes about 30-50min including time to transfer.
On Keikyu-line, you might not need to change the train at Kamata Station, just only passing through (not stop) there. It's better to take a direct one to Shinagawa Station. Confirm its route before getting on it.
Tokyo Monorail
Take Tokyo Monorail from Haneda International Building Station to Hamamatsucho Station (cost is 470 JPY), where you can change to the JR Yamanote line. Tokyo Station is only 3 stops from Hamamatsucho Station (cost is 150 JPY). It takes about 25-40min including time to transfer.
Limousine Bus
There are Limousine Buses going to Tokyo station every 30-60 min. The cost is 900 JPY to the Tokyo Station. Especially during the daytime, we cannot expect the arrival time due to heavy traffic jam within the downtown. Also the fare and time will be extremely variable if you use taxi to Tokyo station from Haneda Airport.
From Tokyo Station to Niigata Station: JR "Joetsu Shinkansen" trains are most convenient, which take about two hours to Niigata Station. The frequency is every 20-30 min. Ticket price is 5460 JPY for one-way (Tokyo to Niigata) with additional special express charge; 4810 JPY (resereved seat) for Joetsu Shinkansen trains.
Niigata Airport (KIJ):
located at just 6km east from the Toki Messe.
It takes only less than 20 min. to the Toki Messe by Taxi. (Cost will be 3000 JPY).
You can take an Airport Limousine bus to the JR Niigata station, which takes about 25 min. (Cost is 400 JPY, 200 JPY for children). The frequency is approximately every 20 to 30 minutes. From Niigata station, refer to "ground transportation From Niigata station to the Toki Messe".

Useful Information: JR Convenient Railway Passes

Ground Transportation from Niigata Station to Toki Messe:

Trains arrive and depart from JR Niigata Station, where is the terminal of the Joetsu-Shinkansen trains. Shinkansen trains run from 6:00 to 21:00, connecting Niigata to Tokyo by two hours. No train station is there at the Niigata Airport. Ground transportation options from the Niigata station are given below:

Taxies are available at the front of the Niigata Station. It takes 5-10 min. to the Toki Messe, and the fares are less than 1000 JPY.
Public Bus
The public buses to Toki Messe are frequently operated from the bus stop at the front of the Niigata station, Bandai exit. It takes 15 min. The frequency is every 15-40 min. depending on the time. For a one-way trip from Niigata station to the Toki Messe the cost is 200 JPY per person.
On Foot
If you hope, you can walk to the Toki Messe. Distance is about 2.0 km from the Niigata Station, and it takes about 20-30 min., but strongly depends on how fast you walk. If you choose this option, we recommend you to get area map before start walking.

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